Figma app for designers

Figma is like the Sketch in the browser with the possibility of co-authoring in real time.



Adobe is a recognizable leader of software products for designers, but its hegemony was able to shake Sketch for UI/UX design. However, despite the acknowledged convenience and class and the lack of full replacement from Adobe (XD is still in beta version) an alternative solution appeared on the market.


Moreover, Figma is not just an analog, but the alternative in many ways, in particular, it is not a desktop application. Accordingly, there are no restrictions for the operating system, for example, that there is some problem with Sketch, which is available only to Mac users, and still not all designers can boast of a Macbook Pro or iMac.


Besides Figma is invaluable and has three unique features: collaborative editing of the same file in real time (like Google Doc), vector network, and a full version history. It can support the work of a dozen designers on the same document without any extra effort. Besides, this tool is very fast, it easily handles 20+ artboards in one document.


For some designers, it is not as comfortable as working in a separate app. For example, it is not possible to configure shortcut well. But a lot of designers have praised and are very pleased to work with Figma, so we advise you to get acquainted with this interesting tool for UI design.